Missionary Project

Craiova Youth

Hope Church Craiova empowers the youth of Craiova, through many events. As of right now, we are meeting every two weeks with youth, as a large group. The majority of these youth do not come from families of Christian believers. The goal of these events is to meet new youth and to create relationships with them. Using these events, we have the opportunity to start talking with them about the love of Christ and disciple them. The age range for Craiova Youth is between 12-25 years old.

Our leaders have already started to disciple some of the youth coming to Craiova Youth. Some of the youth go to their leaders’ homes and have dinner and play games with them, resulting in a deeper impact in their lives. In the future, we desire to see Craiova Youth become a Christian youth group. It is our vision to see this generation of youth come to know the Lord personally and to make Christ known.

If God puts it on your heart, you can support this ministry through prayer and donations. We would like to raise $800/month for all of our monthly activities with youth. We are also raising support for a 9 passenger van to transport the youth to and from our events.

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