Cornel Mich

Cornel Mich


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Youth Ministry
Email: misiunepentruisus@gmail.com
Phone: +4 0768 077 511

About Missionary

My name is Cornel Mich and I am a missionary serving in Craiova with youth ministry. I am married to Rachel. I grew up in a Christian family and attended church every Sunday, but I didn’t know Christ as my personal Savior until the age of 18, when I attended an evangelical event at a local soccer stadium. I remember much of what was said that day. The key saying that brought me to Christ was this: “What has Satan done for you? What has Christ done for you?”  I remember accepting Christ that day, as Satan has done absolutely no good for me, and Christ has done everything!

Shortly after choosing to follow Christ, I started to do ministry in whatever way I could. I served at my local church and went to other areas to talk about Christ with people on the street. In August 2007, I visited Oltenia for the first time on a mission trip with my cousin. I realized that God was calling me into long-term ministry and that it was in Oltenia. After a long period of time in prayer, God confirmed to me that my place was serving in youth ministry with Hope Church and I moved to Oltenia in August 2015. In August 2019, together with my wife, Rachel, we moved to Craiova to develop a youth ministry. Rachel and I are the coordinators of the youth ministry in Craiova.

About Ministry


Location: Craiova, population of about 300,000 people, 80,000 people are between the ages of 12-25. Less than 0.2% of the population know Christ.

Vision: To see a new generation of Christ followers in Craiova that lead and take Christ to their peers and their families, resulting in multiplication of disciples for Christ.

Mission: Helping the people both spiritually and physically.

Activities: English club, youth group, socialization events, Bible study, discipleship, evangelism

Missionary Projects


There are many ways that you can come alongside us and our ministry.

Prayer – Prayer is the most important thing you could do for us. Please pray for us 5 minutes a day or 5 minutes a week. It means so much to us! Please pray for the youth by name that they would come to Christ and that they would grow in their relationships with Christ.

Advocacy – We are in need of people to advocate us and our ministry.


Financial Support – this is for both us personally, and for the projects mentioned above.

Short-Term Teams – Romanian youth absolutely love Americans. They see Americans as really awesome people and can’t understand why they would choose to come to Craiova of all places. You have a huge opportunity to share why God brought you to Craiova with them.

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