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Emanuel Serban

Emanuel Serban


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Evangelism
Email: emanuelserban95@gmail.com
Phone: +40 731 093 566

About Missionary

My name is Emanuel Serban and I was born in the countryside of Romania on April 28, 1995. I was raised by a non-Christian father and my mother started going to church before I was born. I came to the Lord wholeheartedly in 2012 and I got baptized. As I went to church from an early age, the desire to serve God started to slowly grow in my heart. Many missionaries visited our church and shared beautiful experiences on the mission field, which encouraged me to pursue becoming a missionary myself.

In 2015, I began to occasionally engage in various missionary activities and in 2017, God completely won me over to do His work full-time.

I married Eli on May 5, 2018, and together we have a 6-month-old daughter, Ava-Gloria.

About Ministry



To make Christ known to all and, through my actions, to serve both the believers in my community and those who do not know the Savior.


I have been serving as a missionary in Craiova for the past 2 years. I was helping Raul Costea and the team plant a church there. As of September 2020, my wife and I moved to the Icoana area and are working with the Ciudesnic family in Floru and Icoana. It is an honor for me to be able to serve the village where I grew up and the church that I went to as a child.

Right now, I am involved in: home visits, helping and encouraging the people in the village, taking church members to church or to the doctor, taking care of the church, evangelism, and helping the pastor I work with, Tavi Ciudesnic, in various ways.

In an area where people don’t trust easily, it is such a blessing for me to be back in my home town because I am known and trusted here, which is a great help to Pastor Tavi and the ministry here.

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