Razvan Ursachi

Razvan Ursachi


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Evangelism
Email: razvanursachi11@gmail.com
Phone: +40 761 317 267

About Missionary

My name is Razvan Ioan Ursachi and I am a student at the Agriculture Science University in Timisoara, Romania. I am in my 4th year and I am studying landscape architecture. At the same time, I can say that I was called by God to be a student in the missionary equipping program called “Equipped to Equip.” 

I grew up in an Orthodox family. Even as I was a child, I felt a profound need to know God. However, in the family I grew up in, I was not taught Christian morals like the Scripture offers. During my adolescence, I neglected the interior calling from God and became more attracted to what the world offered me. At the age of 16, after a party, I felt irregular heartbeats which led to a panic attack. My life had changed radically, and the following 2-3 years I continued to have these attacks regularly. This resulted in a progressive depression in my life.  

I was desperate and hopeless. I even had suicidal thoughts and I was confused. One day, my mother entered my room with a Bible in her hand. This was something that surprised me, and I was going to reject it. Because I respected her, I took the Bible, but I also said, “How can a book help me when I need a doctor and treatment?” Her response was: “Before you open the Scripture, ask God a question.” There with little hesitation, and I decided to follow the advice of my mother. At that moment, I opened my Bible, and God spoke to me about the hope that I had been searching for a long time. 

Holding tightly to this hope, through divine intervention, my life received a new understanding of profound knowledge of the One who created me. However, I returned to my sinful practices from the past, without thinking too much about the calling that I had received then. This lifestyle continued until I was invited one night to an evangelistic event in my hometown, Teremia Mare. Although I was already blinded due to what the world offered me, my soul never ceased searching for God. After much interior struggle, I accepted the invitation, and I walked to the front like a prodigal son into His Father’s house. That night I felt God’s embrace and was very sensitive to His Word. I, then, recognized the true meaning of Christ’s death and sacrifice. I then received a new identity in Christ. 

Today, I am a man of hope. I am a son born of God, ready to share with all people this Gospel, which changed my life and that has power to change other lives, as well. For the same purpose, I also wrote a book entitled, “Calling.” This book speaks about the purpose of every man in this world.

About Ministry

Missionary Activities: 
  • Evangelism from person to person and in groups 
  • Discipleship
  • Exhortations/Teaching
  • Service through offering people food

Missionary Projects


You can get involved in Razvan’s Ministry in the following ways:

Short-term missions
Join or lead a team to Romania and work alongside us in evangelism, kids ministry, Roma ministry, church-planting and much more.

Prayer Support
Become a prayer partner by praying 5 minutes a day or 5 minutes a week.

Become a mentor or encourager for me or someone on my team with a once-a-month video call, text message or email.

Financial Support
Become a financial partner by donating $25 a month for my personal needs or for one of my projects.

Become one of my ambassadors by representing my ministry in the US, 2-4 hours a month.

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