Adrian Jurge - Updates

Updates from the mission field

A PhD engulfed in darkness

The past months in Craiova have been full of activities. Starting with the refugees, the...

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High alert state

Who would have imagined that in the year 2022 a ground war with guns, rockets and soldiers...

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Keeping us on the track

What a blessed time it was to reunite with some of the university students that we came to...

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Unpleasant surprise

Mission work involves a lot of day to day activities that are not ministry, per se, but are...

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Youth and Ocultism

Craiova has been under heavy spiritual oppression and deception for many, many years. The...

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Faithful in little things

Can you believe that it’s almost July and all the things with the pandemic are pretty...

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Not always green pastures

I want to share with you some of my thoughts and things that have happened in the last two...

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There are seasons in life

Sometimes all of us are affected by a dramatic change of a new season. But other times,...

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