Petrisor Bold - Updates

Updates from the mission field

Confident on the path!

Through the Bible study from Acts, which I did with the Church in Stoenești, we saw the...

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God’s perfect plan

During the holidays we visited families to read together from the Bible, we read about the...

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Jesus, the joy of the feast!

By the grace of God, I preached the gospel to a man who had a heart attack. I had a few...

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Following the example of the Lord Jesus

Following the example of Jesus, we serve the community by fulfilling material needs. We...

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Joy in the ministry

We have been blessed to serve with evangelistic and social projects. We continue with New...

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The Word of God for every home

In the project “A New Testament for every home”, we went on the streets and we...

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A small gift with a big impact

We praise God for the way He showed His goodness in our lives in March! This month,...

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With the light of the Gospel in the darkness of religious formalism

We thank God for the love, grace, guidance, and blessings received from His hand in...

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Not a religion, but a real relationship with Jesus!

We greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus! Thank you for the prayers and for the being...

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A new beginning, a new hope

We come before the Lord and before and you, with hearts full of gratitude for God’s...

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Spreading the gospel in a relevant way

We thank each one of you for your involvement in spreading the gospel in the Perieti...

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