Ana Costea

Ana Costea


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Evangelism, Women’s Ministry
Email: anacostea40@gmail.com
Phone: +40 760 860 999

About Missionary

Ana Costea was called by God to evangelize people in the southern part of Romania, as well as Romanian people living in the Balkan countries. In 2019 God placed on her heart a burden for lost people, especially in these areas.  Her desire is to serve the Lord by sharing Jesus with as many people as possible in the streets or at evangelistic events.  She also desires to disciple women in Craiova who will carry on the work.  

She is married to Raul Costea, coordinating pastor of Hope Church.  They have two boys and one adopted daughter. 


Vision:  Ana’s vision is to see many souls be saved in the region of Oltenia as well as in Romanian speaking communities in the Balkans. 

Missionary Projects

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