Daniel Serbanescu

Daniel Serbanescu


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Church Planting & Evangelism
Email: serbanescudaniel10@yahoo.com
Phone: +40 765 706 796

About Missionary

My name is Daniel Serbanescu, a missionary of Hope Baptist Church in Draganesti-Olt. I am married to Mihaela and together, we have 5 children.

Together, we serve in the community of Daneasa. 18 years ago, I came to know God through a dream that I had one night. Following this dream, my heart was full of lack of assurance and fear as to where my eternal destiny would be.

By going to church, I understood God’s calling and I recognized him was Lord and my personal Savior. Through the desire to share with others what God did in my life, I began to serve in the church in Nenciulesti and Buzescu in Teleorman County. 2 years ago, through an invitation from a missionary from Hope Church in Draganesti-Olt and during the time that we were searching for a place to serve, we understand that God had a plan for us in Oltenia.

Presently, we serve with a local team in Daneasa to plant a church.


About ministry


Location: Daneasa, situated in Olt County, having a population of around 3,800 townspeople, but without a strong evangelical presence.

Vision: is to have a community of believers that take the hope of Christ from Daneasa to the ends of the world. Mission: The way in which we plan to reach the vision is through fulfilling the spiritual and physical needs of the people.

Activities: social help, home group, work with children and meetings with youth.


How can you be involved?

Teams for short or long-term, missionaries for long-term, finances for a missionary or their projects.

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