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Ilie Contiu

Ilie Contiu


Position: Missiornary
Responsibility: Evangelism
Email: ilie.contiu@yahoo.com
Phone: +40 756 530 968

About Missionary

My name is Ilie Contiu, I was born in 1954 in Gura Raului, Sibiu county.
I was raised into a family of believers, but this sinful world took me away from my parents’ teaching and from the God’s Word for a time. At the age of 18 I received Jesus Christ into my heart and I was baptized. I was integrated into the Church and from a young age I began to serve the Lord by preaching the Word and street evangelism.

During the communist era, I was even fined by the police for evangelistic activities, because it was forbidden to express your faith in public. I got involved in the Church forming some mandolin orchestras.

In 1977 I married Ioana Contiu, and together we have 7 children, 4 boys and 3 girls.


About Ministry


To identify the gospel ministry to others villages besides the existing ones, to bring instruments to the distant and forminig groups and to teach young people practical and simulating evangelism. 

How can you get involved?

Short or long term mission trips
A minibus for the transportation of believers
Food and clothing packages for poor families
Financial support

Contact Me

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