Missionary Projects

Acuila and Priscilla

The Aquila and Priscilla Project is a project to equip missionaries to be effective in their work. This project came from the felt need for support and assistance to the missionary who does everything he knows and realizes that he has no solution.

The prayer is that God will transform every missionary into an effective servant.

The concept underlying this project is that God is involved in the mission, that’s why we don’t invent missions, we just have to discover the part we have in this mission and join Him.

Target group:

We address any evangelical Christian who has felt God’s call to be a missionary or wants to clarify his call


That all missionaries be equipped to meet the experiences and challenges of mission


To use my teaching gift to equip those who want to be missionaries.


Project objectives:

  1. To teach the Modules “Missionary Project” and “Missionary Agency” within the E2E equipping program, to day and online learners or missionaries, in 7 hours.
  2. Assist in the writing of the 45-minute project that each trainee or missionary must implement throughout the equipping program
  3. To have meetings once a month with each trainee/missionary to advise and coach them in the implementation of the project
  4. To teach Systematic Theology courses in local, zonal mission teams
  5. Coaching in the discovery of the general will of God, the specific calling of each believer and the specific guidance
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