Alexe Costea - Updates

Updates from the mission field

God’s truth sets you free!

How hard it is when the devil lies to you, so beautiful, that you are good with God and you...

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News from Comani!

We ended the year 2023 rejoicing in service, on the mission field. We bless the Lord for...

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Everything that is good is born in the heart of God

The summer period, being a more full period, usually the Bible study groups end untill...

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Peace to you, our dear ones!

About a year ago, my heart started to be stirred and I understood from the Lord that we...

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Testimonies from the ministry

We bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus and may each of you be a testimony to the people...

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March, women’s month

Someone said: ,,a news should be real, beautiful and necessary, if the news has not...

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A bright Christmas for a family from Ukraine

Since the war started and we got involved in serving the Ukrainians, I had the gift of...

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In December God again showed us His goodness and grace

We do not deserve anything but the Lord pours grace after grace upon us and may He help us...

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God is faithful!

We are heading towards the end of 2022 and looking back, throughout the year we see...

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God of details!

You all know that, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I have been involved as much...

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News from Comani

And we are joyful when we see the work of God among the people in Comani. Together with...

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My hero!

Some people really appreciated it, others contested my involvement in Ukraine and with...

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