Raul Costea - Updates

Updates from the mission field

The Power of an Invitation

Last year in March, we had a World Race team here in Craiova. They went through the city to...

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Vision 2021

Please pray for me to be able to preach from the Gospel of John in wisdom and through the...

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With Jesus in our Hearts and a Gift in our Hands

Marian came forward and said, “I want to give my life to the Lord.” I asked him if he knew...

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From the youngest to the oldest, to The One

“Raul, thank you for giving me work,” were the words of Joseph Timothy who...

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Who is this?

This was the question posed by the disciples when they discovered the power of Christ…

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Under the mask of a religious man was a rebellious heart

Maybe you think that the successful ministry of a missionary is defined by positive...

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New workers for God’s Kingdom

When Jesus said this, He was talking to the people in His time period. But this is a...

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But the word of God continued to spread and flourish

What seemed an obstacle has in fact become an opportunity, because God brought spiritual,...

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I’m in a race: me with the Gospel vs. Covid-19

Paul writes here that he is in a race. Like most of you know, I am passionate to spread the...

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Never give in

I had many reasons to give up these past few weeks, especially when nine teams cancelled...

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Jesus is looking for his lost sheep in Craiova

“I am guilty”, were the words of Marius, a man over 40, who came to tell me...

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Gospel VS Coronavirus

Oh Lord, is Your gospel in Christian’s hearts more powerful than the coronavirus...

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