Raul Costea - Updates

Updates from the mission field


Such were the lives of the six youths whom I baptized on Sunday, November 19th, through the...

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“Nobody knew that I had suicidal thoughts.”

This is what a young girl said publicly at youth camp. She struggled accepting God’s...

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Baptism & Basketball Camp

We are praising God for the 5 people who chose to follow The Lord in baptism on June 4th....

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Is it worth it?

The passion of my life is to make disciples after Jesus’ model. Therefore my activities are...

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This time it’s about you!

When you read the newsletter or update of a missionary, you expect to read information...

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“Hineni” (הנני)

On the day that I preached about Mary saying to the Lord “Hineni” (הנני) I also said that...

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Baptism 2022

When I was starting the church plant in the Southern part of Romania I was told, “Raul,...

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Fall Update

Our E2E (Equipped to equip) program trains students to become missionaries or equips...

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John 3:16

Many years ago, I took on, by faith, Paul’s mission of making disciples of all nations. I...

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I said, Yes!

I said, Yes!…to the 300 refugees who we would have to provide accommodation and food for...

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“Another one saved”

Many of you know who Corrie Ten Boom is and how she got involved in World War II to save as...

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Between two wars

For two years we fought an invisible enemy that took lives, intimidated governments and...

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