Missionary project

Society Face to Face with the Bible

The pattern of a society is the result of the relational networks existing between its segments. Culture underlies relational patterns, Culture which as we know is made up of beliefs, values and behavior. The Holy Spirit changes through the Bible, when it is accepted, the faith, the values, the behavior of the people who make up the segments of society. In this way people in society will have relationships transformed by the Bible.

Target group:

We address four categories of people:

  1. people who are influenced by the humanities and struggle to eliminate all action of their conscience,
  2. people who are influenced by scientific theories deny the reality described in the bible, 
  3. people who claim to have a religion but live contrary to the truths revealed in scripture
  4. to born-again people who desire to grow in Christlikeness.

These people are part of the seven segments of society: Government, Education, Culture, Media, Economy, Family and Religion


A society made up of people who have beliefs, values, behaviors and relationships modeled after Holy Scripture

Mission: To study the bible as carefully as possible, to clearly formulate the biblical concepts to apply the concepts to my life and society and then to expose these concepts to as many people as possible.


Strategic objectives:
  1. Exposing biblical concepts online
  2. Exposing biblical concepts in small groups for evangelism or discipleship
  3. Exposing biblical concepts in public worship programs.
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