Adrian Jurge

Adrian Jurge


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Evangelism
Email: adrian.jurge@gmail.com
Phone: +40 771 641 451

About Missionary

My name is Adrian Jurge and I’m from Tîrgu Mureș, a city from Transilvania. I’m married and have two children. 

During my study at Art School, I understood that God was calling me to a new life. Overwhelmed by His love I decided to live in total dependency on Him. 

THis decision led me to East European Bible College, where for three years I gained more and more knowledge about Who God is  and the need to serve people. 

After a few years, we moved to Craiova, a big city with around 300.000 population, among whom 3 out of 100 declare to be interested in God. 

About Ministry


My calling is to show people the relevancy of God’s truth. TO help them understand so that they can respond and be inspired to live for Jesus.

For this vision to be made possible, I developed three projects:


  • AFECT Inspiring Art

I am passionate about art and discovered that it is a unique way to draw people’s attention  and help them understand the theological truths of  Scripture.

That’s why I developed a free art class for young people and desire to have exhibits with christian art where people can interact with other christians as they explore theological truths. .


  • Children illustration books

I like to create heroes. They have everything in control/ They save the day and give us courage to believe that if they can do it, we can do it, and we have to try. Through the illustrations that I create, I want to give both parents and children a universe of possibilities. A world in which good wins, because the source of it is the One that rules the Universe. My heroes are empowered by God, the maker of Heaven and Earth. 

Apparently alone, surrounded by events that can intimidate them, in the middle of problems, they find a solution through the One that guides them. They understand the calling that they have and are determined to succeed. When I create these characters, I want them to be credible. Characters with which the readers can identify and be encouraged, remembering that their life adventure can be dangerous, but that there is always a solution when they call on their Savior and King.  


  • Discipleship groups

There is a great need for counseling and discipleship for the youth. Many have broken relationships with their parents, feel alone. Have friends with bad influences. Look at social media as their only way of life and guidance.  .

Through my weekly meetings with them, I seek to give them a biblical perspective on life and hope in the midst of their struggles. To show them the richness of life found in Jesus.


Also I am part of the church planting staff and give regular bible teachings at church meetings, have administrative roles and am involved with the youth ministry.


I invite you to make this vision possible. Here are three ways:

  1. Through Prayer.
  2. Financially, to help with the costs of materials, buyns by digital illustrations and help with the cost of printing the illustrated books.
  3. Encouraging and telling others about these projects and to recommend to them the art I’m making.

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