Alexandra Constantinescu

Alexandra Constantinescu

Pozition: E2E Student
Email: aconstantinescu319@gmail.com
Phone: +40 753 784 349

About Student

My name is Alexandra Liliana Constantinescu, and I reside in Florești, a city in Prahova County, Romania. My primary occupation is photography. However, I felt a divine calling towards mission work and, in response, I enrolled in a missionary training course named “Equipped to Equip.”

Born into an Orthodox family, I was christened in this denomination. Yet, when I was 8 years old, the Lord intervened in my family’s life, guiding us back to faith, although my father remained apart from this change. From a young age, despite coming from a different religious background, I was given the opportunity to know the Lord. At the age of 11, during a conference, I felt a profound call from the Lord to dedicate my life to Him, a step I believed to be the right one. Hence, at that young age, I chose to surrender my life to His guidance.

As years passed, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at 13. The Lord began to shape me, transforming me into a vessel for His work. However, during my teenage years, my curiosity and the urge to explore new things drew my attention away from the Lord’s plans for me. This led me to attend church more out of habit than conviction, and at school, my behavior was driven by my own whims. I often spoke and acted inappropriately, casting more shadows than light. At 14, I found myself alone with my sister for several months while our parents were abroad. That period was a divergence in my life, where both my heart and mind shifted towards other things, distancing me from the Lord.

During this time, I began smoking and regularly consuming energy drinks, showing little concern for my academic future or high school enrollment. Additionally, feelings of parental abandonment in difficult times, loneliness, lack of fatherly love, and suicidal thoughts started to engulf me. These feelings grew so intense that I desired death more than life, yet I was also afraid of dying. Attracted to videos of self-harm, I began to harm myself, believing that I deserved it, that I was worthless, unloved, and that dying was the only way for my life to gain significance.

This downward spiral halted when my grandfather passed away. Deeply affected by this loss, I turned to the Lord for solace. On October 7, 2018, I decided to renew my commitment to the Lord through baptism and committed to following Him. Despite facing numerous challenges afterward, the most difficult was at nearly 18 years old when I fell in love without seeking the Lord’s guidance. The relationship ended, leaving me deeply hurt. Consequently, I drifted further from the Lord, plagued by insecurity and feelings of worthlessness, losing my will to live and socialize. My anxiety escalated, leading to a fear of people and causing frequent conflicts with my family over trivial matters.

This phase persisted until I was 19 when I traveled to Sweden. It was there that the Lord transformed me anew. He intended for me to discover the depth of His love and the essence of His kindness. He showed me the extent of His love for the lost sheep; He left the ninety-nine to seek out me, the one who strayed. Since then, I have realized that nothing can fill the void in one’s heart like God’s love. I allowed Him to restore order in my life, appointing Him as the captain of my journey until the end of my days.

Today, I am reborn, filled with hope, cleansed by Christ’s blood, eager to share God’s love that heals hearts and saves souls, just as He did in my life.


Missions Activities:
  • Personal and group evangelization;
  • Bible and New Testament distribution;
  • Spreading the evangelical message through media.


Prayer Requests:
  • Divine guidance;
  • Empowerment by the Holy Spirit;
  • Resources, both human and financial, for an online project’s growth;
  • Love for the lost and for God.


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