Daniel Opris

Daniel Opris


Position: Pastor-Asistent at Hope Church
Responsibility: Part of pastoral care, administration of the Church building,mission in Draganesti-Olt
Email: danut@yahoo.com
Phone: +40 767 999 895

About Missionary

Daniel Opris was part of the planting team of Hope Church in Draganesti and currently helps teach members and mission. This team was coordinated by brother Raul Costea.
After returning to God, he participated in a study on church planting and thus was born this passion to be in such a team. He wants to make available to the Lord spiritual gifts with which the Lord has enabled him.
He is married to Lidia.


About Ministry


He wants to serve where it will be needed and in another church planting work, to teach those who return to the Lord His Word, to spread the Gospel.

Lidia helps the mission in the town and in the area by visiting sick people and using her medical knowledge.

Missionary Projects

Evangelism and Discipleship

Through home visits,street discussions,Bible study groups,or preaching,people can hear the gospel and be disciples.

The future construction for a day center

We want to glorify God by building a building for children and youth.

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