Mariana Vlad

Mariana Vlad


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Youth Ministry
Email: anica.vlad@yahoo.com
Phone: +40 766 302 351

About Missionary

My name is Vlad Mariana Anica, I am from Daneasa village, Olt county, and I have three sisters and a brother.

Our family told us about God when we were kids, but they didn’t have much knowledge. God is good and loving, He sent a group of young people from the Hope hurch, who started a kids ministry, so I got to hear about God from them, as a child.

My childhood was not exactly an easy one, the financial situation of my family was not a good one, but that was a blessing for me, for my relationship with God, the dependence on Him always kept me close to Him. I lived in a context where repentance was a shame, so many times I postponed the decision to repent.

As a teenager I lived a double life, at church I was a Christian girl and at home I was just like the other teenagers,I behaved like them, not having a life according to His will. God aproached me gradually, over time, several events contributed to my relationship with Him, such an event was the death of my father, then I saw His love and care for me and my family. At the age of 18, I made the final decision to follow Jesus.

God has put love for people in my heart, a love that doesn’t allow me to be indifferent to the needs of those around me. I helped in kids ministry, now I am involved in working with young people and social work in my home village. I know that God has a plan for my life and I am honored and blessed that He is the one who gives me direction.

Missionary Projects

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