Petrisor Bold

Petrisor Bold


Position: Missionary
Responsibility: Evangelism
Email: petrisorbold@gmail.com
Phone: +40 784 872 627

About Missionary

My name is Petrisor Bold, I was born in Teleorman County, Romania. I am married, my wife’s name is Roxana and we are blessed with 3 children: Naomi, Rahela and Timotei.
At the age of 17, I received the Lord Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. From that moment on, I had a burning desire to share the Gospel with the people who doesn’t know Jesus. I served in the local church in various forms: preaching and administration.
3 years ago, God spoke to me with a verse from Matthew 9:37: .”.the harvest is plenty but workers are few..”.
In June 2019, together with my family we moved to Oltenia, to win souls for God’s Kingdom. Once we moved in Berindei Village, Olt County, I joined the existing church planting team in Stoenesti, coordinated by George Serban.


About Ministry

I serve in the villages Stoenesti, Berindei, Gostavat, Pestra, which together add up to a population of 7000 people. In these villages there are very few believers.

My responsibilities in these villages are: preaching in the Church of Stoenesti on Sunday morning, discipleship at the cell group in Pestra, Evangelism visits in Berindei Thursday and Friday, and man-to-man evangelism with the team.

Vision:  To see communities of believers that reflect the image of Christ, with an impact on society, starting with Stoenesti, Berindei, Pestra and Gostavat.

How do we fulfill the vision?

Through partnerships, through evangelistic and social projects.

Mission: Sharing the Gospel with the unsaved people and discipleship of the converted ones.

Through missionary and social projects:

  • Help a family with heating for the winter;
  • Help a poor person with a food package every month;
  • Help a child not to drop out of school.


  • With the help of our partners we develop missionary and social projects through which we reach people’s hearts;
  • Evangelism and discipleship in cell groups.

How can you be involved?

You can get involved in Petrisor’s Ministry in the following ways:

By promoting our projects
Through prayer 
Through encouragement
Through short-term teams 
With financial support

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