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Distributing calendars with Bible verses and talking with the people about Jesus

While I was handing out calendars with Bible verses, as well as protective masks against COVID, I was able to talk…

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Alcohol addiction and answers to prayers

In an evangelistic action in the town,I met a young man who is addicted to alcohol.I talked to him and he admitted that..

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Discussions with people in the city

On Thursdays, believers in the Hope Church are invited to take part in evangelism in the town(Draganesti-Olt). We make teams and go to certain areas.My companion and I introduced from the Gospel some people who went out to the door of their house and a group of people who were at a spring.
I also spoke to a young man who was dissapointed by some religious leaders from another part of a country.I told him that this should not stop him from seeking God.I told him briefly what God wants with his life.
I met an adult in the downtown park who went through a period of depression.He said he had faith and prayed for the icons he had and bought them.I explained the difference between the Savior who is alive and icons that are a piece of wood.I spoke to him about repentance,about aknnowledging and renouncing sins.I pray that God will work in the lives of these people.
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