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I’m in a race: me with the Gospel vs. Covid-19

Paul writes here that he is in a race. Like most of you know, I am passionate to spread the Gospel to as many people as possible..

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Never give in

I had many reasons to give up these past few weeks, especially when nine teams cancelled coming to Romania. Our usual means of summer…

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Jesus is looking for his lost sheep in Craiova

“I am guilty”, were the words of Marius, a man over 40, who came to tell me that he needs my help to…

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Gospel VS Coronavirus

Oh Lord, is Your gospel in Christian’s hearts more powerful than the coronavirus outbreak? Will we still share the gospel with others or will we hide behind a protective suit?

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Isa is my only salvation – عيسى هو خلاصي الوحيد

Miriam’s story started yesterday with a dream that Ana had. In her dream, God told her that “I am sending you.”

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With jesus in our hearts and a gift in our hands

This was the motto for the many events we had in December. We gave out almost 2000 gifts to kids and adults in over 20 locations

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I am a lost man and I need God

A man named Adrian came to our Sunday gathering. I met with him the next day and he was saying, “I’m a lost man. I need God…

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E2E Program – Generation 3 (2019-2020)

The E2E program (’’Equipped to equipe’’) is a christian equipping program who aims to help those who want to get involved in the Lord’s ministry or who are already servants in His field. Within the help of this program…

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Is Short-Term Ministry worth it?

I know that many people who come on short-term trips, give up their vacation time and pay lots of money to come to serve in ministry, even if it is only for a few days. They leave their loved ones to focus on the lives…

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