Octavian Ciudesnic - Updates

Updates from the mission field

A special moment in 2020

When I think about 2020, besides this global pandemic, I remember a very special moment in...

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Warming the heart and body

For many of us, winter came with an abundance of sweet memories that fill our hearts with...

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Hope in the pandemic

More than ever, in this period of emergency caused by the pandemic, the foodpaks from CHF...

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Sow with good seed and reap a good harvest!

During Spring we can be reminded of a truth the Scripture offers. The Bible warns us in...

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A touch of good news!

Greetings from quarantined Romania. Like us most people in the world, we are inundated with...

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Uncertain times means new opportunities

Let me be real for a moment: No one is enjoying this virus spreading affliction throughout...

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Happy new year!

I shared this truth with the saving message of the gospel of Christ with 14 families in...

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