Category: Daniel Davidescu

God Kingdom is expanding!

Hope Church has started an evangelism project in Craiova. Through this project, the desire is for every person in Craiova…

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Phisical and Digital Ministry they go together hand to hand

The Lord called me to ministry in preaching His Word and to teach the people to care about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

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You gain experience faster when you work with experienced people

3 years ago, in 2017, a Romanian sister living in Canada discovered my Christian media ministry. She contacted me through..

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Jesus died for both the rich and the poor

Because winter is coming, once again I went with clothing to the poor people in Aviasan…

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The God’s ministry must continue even in pandemic!

In the time of the pandemic, for a period, the churches were closed. During this time, I had an intense period of fasting, prayer and…

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