Category: Daniel Serbanescu

Sarah’s faith in God’s promise

Today we met to study and learn how to have faith in Christ. Today’s topic focused on Sarah and her faith…

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Spreading the good news of our Saviour’s birth

We had the privilege of serving God with tremendous joy and determination during this pandemic, but we have…

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Who is this Jesus?

We had the joy of sharing with the women from here the good news of our Saviour, Jesus Christ’s birth and we..

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With God everything is possible

A few months ago, we prayed that God may enlighten us to know how we can interact with people and children during this pandemic…

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Hope, joy and blessing!

Due to His love and goodwill we were able to help this month the kids from Dăneasa with school supplies.
May He be praised because…

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Joys, Challenges, and Victories in Christ

Thanks be to our God who is three times Holy, Holy, Holy! In this pandemic, which is difficult for every…

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God is Love

Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Lord blesses us through you. We want you know that we..

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