Daniel Davidescu - Updates

Updates from the mission field

How many days of light do you have left?

Last year, with the help of the Lord and the brothers who donated, we managed to bring...

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Combining Evangelism with Work

Peace of God Dear brothers and sisters! It’s been a while since I’ve written...

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The happiness of helping the poor

From some time, the Speranța Church in Craiova has concluded a strategic partnership with...

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The rope woven in three does not break easily

At the age of 15, I repented, and since then, I have been constantly praying for the Lord...

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A new year, new ministryes opportunities

I don’t even know how time passed … as if yesterday was the beginning of the...

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When the Gospel is shared with power, fruit exists

I desire to thank all of you who pray for me. Due to your involvement in the last month, I...

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The Revival from Jupânești

I was called upon to preach in the community of Jupanesti, close to Pitesti. I asked my...

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The battle for saving the lost souls

In the last month of May, one of the national pastors  organized a large evangelical...

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God Kingdom is expanding!

Hope Church has started an evangelism project in Craiova. Through this project, the desire...

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Phisical and Digital Ministry they go together hand to hand

The Lord called me to ministry in preaching His Word and to teach the people to care about...

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You gain experience faster when you work with experienced people

3 years ago, in 2017, a Romanian sister living in Canada discovered my Christian media...

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Jesus died for both the rich and the poor

Because winter is coming, once again I went with clothing to the poor people in Aviasan…

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