Veronica Crăciun - Updates

Updates from the mission field

USA trip 2023!

Praise God for all the amazing people that welcomed Iosif and I to the USA in August &...

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Greetings to everyone! Christ is risen!!

Easter is a special time for all Christians around the world! We do our best to use this...

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Children’s ministry and helping in the Youth ministry!

In the last few months, we have been tremendously blessed with an amazing amount of...

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Children’s Ministry!

It is truly a joy to be back working with the children! Yes, my honeymoon was wonderful and...

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VBS – Vacation Bible School!

Praise God for your prayers over all of us who participated in this week’s VBS! We had over...

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“I don’t believe until I see it written in the Bible”

In recent months, even though I have been involved in many different activities, I have...

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Greetings partners in Christ

It is a joy to report to you that the past few months have been filled with children’s...

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“When Christ was born, so was our hope.”

December was a month full of events with both gifts and programs for children. I can say...

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God’s Timeless Messages

It is a great joy for me every time I serve God by working with children. At the beginning...

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2nd generation of graduation!

I want to start by thanking you for your prayers for the children from the guitar project....

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God Touches the Hearts of His Children!

What a wonderful event we had for International Children’s Day earlier this month! I...

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Graduation guitar lessons ministry with the first generation!

Last month, with God’s help, we graduated Guitar lessons with the first generation of...

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