Mircea Dumitru - Updates

Updates from the mission field

Joys and Fulfillments in Our Hearts

Heartwarming words were spoken by a fellow citizen during our encounter with him. For a...

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We join God’s work

Dear brothers and sisters in faith, I have great joy because I can write a few words about...

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We plant the seed with patience

Dear partners ,who have joined here in  Corabia to our mission, it has been some time since...

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The hope of the sower!

We, as a family, are gratefull  to God for being with our children, and they are growing...

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Love received and passed on

During these two months of ministry, we, as family, rejoiced to be reunited. Damaris, our...

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Present in the community

With God’s help we as His servants are present among the people from Corabia

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Emotions at the personal level, in our family and in the ministry

Last summer was full of all kinds of activities: We had prayer on the streets of the city,...

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We walk through the city, we imitate Christ

Jesus is a role model for us in serving people. Full of emotion, we want to share with you...

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We tear down walls by serving

We tried to tear down the wall between the community of Corabia and the Lord Jesus Christ,...

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Before and during the pandemic

Every year Corabia is blessed with the visit of brothers Bill, Bob and those hearts God...

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Investing for the future

While our focus has been in young people and children, at the same time, we have not...

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Support in school education

We believe we are called to work as a family. We are all involved in serving the Lord. My...

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